Some things you should know


Why is this service so cheap?

Our service unlike others primarily relies on YOUR content, we do not provide any content with our membership. The difference between us and other business developer's is simple.
You tell us exactly what you want and need and we set it up and let you take full control of everything based on your membership choice.
We also have a feedback portal in place that minimises our support costs. You must provide content such as text, products, services, prices etc...
We do not work off your ideas. (We can but not at this price).


Can I leave anytime?

Yes... However do not expect support or guidance with leaving if you have been with us for less than 6 months, cancellation fees will apply if you do require support.


What Makes You Different?

We unlike other agencies provide you with the best quality hosting, functions and designs without charging you a premium. We have set pricing and do not hide them. We treat all business processes the same and all that changes is the business type/website type build that we do. All other aspects such as accounts creation, premium analytics or bots stay the same, it's up to you how you use them for your business type.


How long does it take to set up my business website?

That totally depends on you, some can take hours or days depending on your requirements and how much content you have ready for us, you must be specific with what you want. Our team will provide you with a staging website while your main website is in maintenance mode. You have full access to your staging website at all times throughout your membership for edits, feedback and suggestions.


Do you use templates?

Yes we do, we use premium templates that are designed for conversions, however all are 100% editable. We have skills, tools and resources that help us build beautiful amazing and fully functional business websites for any business type quickly and efficiently. Our build process is second to none and we even work with other agencies.


What about my accounts and branding...?

What we send over to you is all yours, branding we aim to get done with you as soon as possible and accounts creation takes a bit longer as this is not done within the first month. Accounts start been created once your business website is ready. However it's all yours we just need access to some for admin and functionality purposes.


What are your premium accounts?

Our premium accounts are lifetime deals we purchase for our members. They can and do include services such as Automated reviews management, Project management and chatbots etc... As we purchase these services for a one time fee, we absorb the costs and provide what we can to our members. All premium third party accounts are limited and provided to those who will use them.

Simply Sit Back & Relax

We take care of it all, we need access to it all as well but this provides you with complete peace of mind that if anything should go wrong our team can instantly gain access and fix any of the issues that may arise.
We are fully competent and 100% GDPR compliant, None of your details will be shared or passed to any third party services. We actually create new Gmail accounts for all businesses that we have access to so you never have to provide us with your personal details, unless you feel you need to.

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Free Business Audit

Audit includes a speed test for your server and website, keyword, competitor and security audit.

We will provide your business with a full technical audit based on the details provided here. This is 100% FREE with no obligations to do anything about it, we will simply do an in-depth assessment with instructions on how to resolve and send the details to your provided email.

Would you like a free zoom video call to go over your website audit, for free advice and services? Simply let us know below and our team will send you instructions for a booking slot that suits you.

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