We built this business to help YOUR business grow with the functions YOU need.


Who we are

Giving businesses the freedom to be the best they can online without restrictions.

We are a small team who primarily focuses on getting small to medium businesses online quickly, efficiently and with all the tools required to grow.

Savvy Saver helps build your business with a complete website, social media accounts, directory listings, analytics and even provide you with a business email, virtual phone number and logos if desired which all helps with your online branding. 

We believe in providing businesses with all the tools and resources required to make their online business work for them.

We have a standard setup (website design setup only) and a membership type setup which is cheaper and more affordable moving forward. Our members get access to all aspects including third party premium accounts.

We are qualified in all aspects of online business marketing and designs.


We Rock

Meet Me
Experienced, knowledgeable, and well-informed; shrewd (often used in combination): consumers who are savvy about prices; a tech-savvy entrepreneur.
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Hi, my name is Gary Dowling, I am the owner and developer of Savvy Saver LTD. I have been building, expanding and learning my trade of online business development for over 15+ years quietly while helping small to medium size business owners.

I built this website primarily to support and make it easier for businesses to have the website they need with the functions they need. We setup the base foundations for you and inside your dashboard are options for growth, expansion and extra functionalities. Savvy Saver also provides premium resources and posts that aim to teach, encourage and expand your business, no matter what business you do. 

My ultimate aim with this website and our base business setups is to help any business that needs it for a price that is affordable while not undermining my knowledge, experience and effectiveness in getting your business online. We are ready to help your business grow, all we primarily need from you is your content, images and idea’s.

I do truly look forward to working with you on your next project, please do not hesitate to contact me in any way you can.

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Free Business Audit

Audit includes a speed test for your server and website, keyword, competitor and security audit.

We will provide your business with a full technical audit based on the details provided here. This is 100% FREE with no obligations to do anything about it, we will simply do an in-depth assessment with instructions on how to resolve and send the details to your provided email.

Would you like a free zoom video call to go over your website audit, for free advice and services? Simply let us know below and our team will send you instructions for a booking slot that suits you.

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